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You can make a difference!

So where does one begin? We are all experiencing some type of crisis. Ours, like many others, is a financial crisis.

We try to serve our special needs young adults as best we can. However we need help in order to afford another staff member so everyone can get the attention they deserve.

Don’t get me wrong, it is not that they are not getting enough attention, but we can always give more, so we can help a little more, for them, where it really matters.

Little things, like working one on one with each of them, with this, they can do much more!

If you come and visit us, you will understand.

For them it is enough, for me it is never enough in how much we should be able to help them.

Do you know autism? Have you had any experience with someone on the spectrum? Can you even imagine how they experience things? Imagine all your senses are 10 times more alert, that you can hear every single noise, no matter how soft it may be, that you can smell every scent, no matter how far from it you may be, that you see everything so bright, that you only want to keep your eyes closed, forever, and that you feel everything, not just with your hands or your skin, but with your entire body! This is what someone on the spectrum experience, every second, every minute, every hour, and every day of their lives.

But still, they smile, they laugh, and more often, they become sad.

We are there to help them, give them meaning, and give them love, because why(?), they are our children. That is one thing that will never change.

We need your help, however small you think it might be, to make a difference, so we can help more special needs young adults and their parents.

The details are on our site of how you can help to be the difference.

And I thank you!

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