It must be appreciated that we are dealing with individuals that are facing many individual and behavioural challenges.


Should you wish that your child attend VSN Centre you are required to complete a comprehensive application form. It is in both our interest that the application form is completed as truthfully as possible and that all relevant supporting documentation and information is supplied for the special needs individual. Your application will be initially assessed by our review board. Once the review board approves your application the integration into VSN Centre will be done over a period 2 weeks.


Week 1 : Attendance to the centre together with parent/facilitator for 1 full day. Thereafter attendance to the centre whereby parent/facilitator withdraws for period of up 2 hours per day, however parent /facilitator needs to be present on the premises.

Week 2 :  Total withdrawal of parent/facilitator, however they will still be required to be available at short notice.


Once the integration phase has been completed our Centre manager will provide the review board with a report. At this stage your application will once again be accessed and the relevant feedback given.


We strongly recommend that initial integration to the Centre is initiated during the school holidays from the age of 16, to familiarise the young adult with the Centre.